From Yellow Brick Roads to Golden Tweets

follow the yellow brick road

If Dorothy had a smartphone, she would have tweeted that she had landed in a place where munchkins weren’t donuts and the term “when monkeys fly”, should not be taken lightly, #notinKansas. Social media is finding a place in YA and in many books are formatted in the way of blogs, status updates and instant messaging. Molly Wetta, a blogger on The Hub, touched on the topic of social media in young adult literature and brought up examples of novels, series that contained different media from Facebook to blogging, fandom websites as part of the telling of the story or part of the plot. Authors see social media as part of their target audience’s daily lives and so they have taken the initiative to look into and bring into perspective how much it has become part of our daily lives or have incorporated social media in their character’s lives and made them into tweeters and hashtag users.

While authors are using social media in their books, social media is also being used to tell short stories. Mashable created a contest to challenge readers to write a short story in a single tweet. They had B.J Novak, a comedian and the inspiration for this contest, read each winning tweet through Vine. This in itself shows the use of multiple media’s using Vine as audio to hear the stories, portraying the tweets and the ability to follow the writers of these tweets and the blog to write an article about the contest and where all the winning entries can be found.

Twitter, Facebook, blogging is becoming a new topic or theme for authors to write about and a way for the readers of YA to tell their stories and express their love for their favorite YA novels, series. From fan fiction to making a Twitter account for their favorite character to scrolling through fan art on Tumblr and Pinterest, YA readers, fans are engaging with literature outside of the pages and on the web. A. G Howard’s character Ally from Splintered is constantly tweeting and mentioning her fellow character’s on Twitter. Characters from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series are used in memes found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, showing Percy and the other demigods using social media as teens today use it. Creations of fan art, a drawing of an older Percy and Annabeth, Shadowhunter’s photo-shopped to see what they would appear as if they were angels on Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr provide readers with visuals as they read like comic books.

Whether it’s in the book or outside the book, social media is hoping on the 9 ¾ platform with its YA reading wizards.

Social Media in YA

Mashable Short Story Tweets


One thought on “From Yellow Brick Roads to Golden Tweets

  1. you bring up a good point about using multiple sources of media in order to get peoples stories out there. This lets young people feel more comfortable spreading their ideas and allows for new ideas to be born and other ideas to be tweaked. The use of subtle references in popular series was very enjoyable as a fellow bookworm picking up on them and realizing were they originated was like a small game while reading your blog


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