Kiera Cass’s Royal Baby Announcement

It’s a Boy…and it’s a Girl??

It’s TWINS!!!


Maxon and America of the Selection Series are expecting twins in the upcoming novel, The Heir, due to come out in 2015.

And Kiera Cass is the proud grandmother.

kiera cass

On September 24, 2014, the announcement through Snapchat, an application that allows its users to take picture and short clips that once viewed are automatically deleted or last 24 on their feed, referred to as “My Story”. A green box was set up and short clips of first blue and then pink balloons came out of the box indicating the gender of the babies that America, the protagonist and heroine of the series, is having.

snapchatsnap 2snap 4snap 5

snap 6

Fans were directed to the Snapchat @selectionseries, through a tweet by Haperteen, the company that publishes Kiera’s books.

baby watch

The tweet was also retweeted, similar to reposting, onto Kiera Cass’s own Twitter account (@kieracass).

Kiera has been using social media such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat and her own website to connect with her fans, talk about the Selection Series and promote her books. When the believed final book in the series, The One, came out she asked fans to refrain from tweeting about the book for a couple of weeks after it was released so as there were no spoilers for those who hadn’t gotten their copy or were still reading.


Through social media she has gotten fans to interact and show off their fangirl/boy love for the series, by having them share why they loved the Selection Series on Twitter using the hashtag #MoreSelection which would unlock an exclusive bonus epilogue to The One, the last novel in the series. She did the same with the Selection novella, The Queen due to come out on ebooks December 2, 2014. (For those who are rebels against the Evil E-books, the novella will come out in paperback next year)

She had fans post their favorite Selection images, quotes and more on Tumblr and/or Instagram with #MoreSelection which led to the unlocking of the first three chapters in The Queen. Epic Reads, a site about YA novels and authors, had an article about the upcoming novels for the Selection Series. From the hint in the epilogue of The One, leaking that America was pregnant after a year of marital bliss to her prince, Maxon, Epic Reads had a poll going on for the fans of what they thought the gender of the royal baby would be.( The polls then lead to the reveal of the royal baby (more like babies) genders and the hashtag of #SchreaveTwins.

Kiera Cass very much embraces social media, seeing it as a great tool to use as well as fun to interact with people. She’s used social media such as Youtube to post videos of her thoughts about her books, of her reading parts from her books and other forms of social media to interact and get fans thoughts on her books. For those who can’t make event or her book tours because of distance or timing, this is bringing meet the author to you with a click of a button.

kiera tweetkiera tweet 2

Using these different platforms is not just to promote her books or get leaks about upcoming novels. Kiera also uses it to showcase herself and who she is as a person. Her twitter, most of the time is full of posts about her kids, her husband, her daily life, the struggles she faces trying to accomplish things, to even type a 1,000 words. She shows herself to be just like everyone else, with likes and dislikes. She follows other authors like Aimee Carter, Marissa Meyer, Sarah Dessen who are also popular YA fiction writers. Her different social media accounts are connected to her website where she has an about page on herself as well as information on her books, upcoming books and a blog that she writes post answering fans questions, discussions on certain topics, insightful thought and video posts that show Kiera working at her craft.

kiera tweet 5kiera tweet 4

While Kiera is down to earth with tweeters and youtubers her fans have created and used social media to interact, wave their fangirl/boy flags high and make declarations of their favorite OTP.

fan girl

There are thousands of fanfiction post created by fans, Youtube posts with book reviews, trailers, and their cast choices of who should play what character. Fans themselves promote and pass on information about the books, upcoming books, giveaways. On Tumblr and Pinterest, there is meme after pictures of characters after fan art, after quotes from the Selection series.

(Here’s one of my favorites. For all my selectioners I know you’ll share my feelings)

My Feelings At the End of “The One” (may reveal spoilers)

Southern rebels coming out of no where shooting people


Maxon getting shot in the arm


Celeste and Queen Amerbly dying


King Clarkson dying


Maxon and America


Social media or new new media is a platform that fans are using not only to be the readers but to be the writers and contributors as well. For authors like Kiera, not only can they interact with their audience but relate with them and vice versa. It’s one thing to know that Kiera could possibly be taking the time to read all the fan mail she receives, it’s another to see her retweet or favorite your tweet on twitter, OMG!!

fan girl 2

So as Kiera writes and rewrites and rewrites again, my fellow fangirls and I will be patiently waiting and stalking the internet for leaks and knitting together fanfiction and fanart throughout the internet with this new new media. #TeamMaxAmerica

The fact that I have to wait so long for the next books:








(Go to for fanfiction related to the Selection series that will get you through this tough transition period)


One thought on “Kiera Cass’s Royal Baby Announcement

  1. I’m glad you mentioned how #MoreSelection was used to unlock an exclusive bonus epilogue. Shows the clever ways in marketing that are being used to engage in social media. Nice post.


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