Fandom Today. Fandom Tomorrow. Fandom Forever.


Suzanne Collins is not an avid tweeter like some of her fellow YA authors. She has about 3,000 followers and has tweeted 56 times, most are retweets, her last posting being in November in 2013. Her website is simple with information about herself, a list of her books along with reviews on each, and an interview with her. She has Youtube clips, all interviews concerning her books. Suzanne Collins is very much under the radar for someone whose name is on a trilogy that has sold millions of copies all over the world.


In an article on, it was reported that The Hunger Games trilogy has sold over 50 million copies, outselling the Harry Potter series and is the most rented book out of the Kindle Lending Library. Gryffindor flags have been replaced with mocking jays and The Boy Who Lived has been burned by The Girl On Fire.

girl on fire

The fans of the trilogy have take to it and run with it like fangirls/boys on fire. There are about 33.9 thousand fanfiction entries from differing versions of ending of the books to continuations of the books to adaptations of the book. There have been popular fanfiction crossovers of Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Harry-Potter-Hunger-GamesHunger Games has taken over twitter. The Hunger Games twitter account (@TheHungerGames) has over 48.9K followers and has 4,667 tweets. The Mockingjay Part 1 account for the movie that is coming out November 21 has 1.28M followers and 6, 584 tweets. The trilogy turned movie franchise has gathered together followers from all Districts and keeps the fangirling at bay until the movie comes out.


The books and their movies are the driving force for all the new new media activity going on. Video’s of President Snow’s Panem Address on Youtube, a website that is run by the “Capitol” with information on the rebels.

On Instagram, The Hunger Games (@thehungergames) has 386,514 followers with 728 pictures up of characters, giveaways and a countdown to the release of The Mockingjay Part 1. Considering Facebook pages, The Hunger Games page, for the movie, has 20,382,593 likes. The Hunger Games Trilogy page, for the book series, has 108,367 likes. The Hunger Games page, for the publisher,  has 3,167,844 likes. All pages have pictures, statuses, fan questions and polls revolving around The Hunger Games books and movies.

Pinterest and Tumblr contain all the fanart, memes, GIFs, quotes from fans about The Hunger Games, the characters, their favorite OTP (Team Peeta and Katniss!), links to buzzfeed with quizzes like what character would you be or what district you would belong to. Fanfiction can even be found on these sites or links to fanfiction sites such as Wattpad.

While I’m alone:




While there’s other people around:





There has been some creative use of old media which fans have taken notice of and posted twitter. Billboards found in New York were a campaign for the Mockingjay as if it were a real campaign pulled right from the book as well as for (and in actuality) the movie. Fan have taken to social media and posted the findings of this on their twitter as well as the capital couture of their characters that they find on websites for the book, movie and fandom.

billboard 2 billboard Panem









Whether its for the books, the books turned movie and/or books turned fanfiction, the fans of The Hunger Games are running this show and the publishers and movie marketers are feeding these frenzy of mockingjays.

keep calm



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