The Blood of the Percy Fandom

This post in dedication to the best PJO fangirls I know: Cristina, Ceara, Emma and Morgan.

May they survive Hurricane Rick.

the end

The streets are deserted of fangirls/boys.

They have locked themselves away in rooms, corners of libraries, nooks in bookstores, closets under the stairs, their butts imprinted on the couch cusions, hidden behind over 300 pages of fiction.

Disney’s Harperteen has released three million copies first printing of the #1 Best-Selling Author Rick Riordan’s Blood of Olympus, the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series.


Be warned that once those hardcovers close, there will be utter fandom chaos. Don’t be caught without a life jacket because there will be a flood warning going out cause by fandom tears.


Rick Riordan or Uncle Rick to most fandoms is the author behind the Percy Jackson & The Olympian series as well as the Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, the Tres Navarre mysteries and 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones. He is also coming out with a most anticipated series since the last installation of the Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Rick is very much a part of new new media. He has a blog, a webpage, a Twitter account (@camphalfblood), an account on Tumblr called Myths & Mysteries.

For his new book release, he had a live webcast for people/school teachers of their classrooms to register to and quiz him on Greek mythology, to hear an excerpt from The Blood of Olympus and to announce his new series. He did this all from Mount Olympus, the Empire State Building. He posted about the webcast as well as giving a formal release to his fans on Tumblr and from their linking it to Twitter. Other blogs and articles have posted about the new release and have links within their articles that lead their readers to Rick’s Twitter and/or Tumblr. Even now on the opening day of his book he is retweeting fans and interacting on Twitter.

live tweet He keeps his focus and is able to give ample enough attention by just having a Twitter and Tumblr account. He is able to interact with his fans more. Uncle Rick knows all about tweeting, retweeting, favorites, posting pictures and links to his Tumblr, blog, articles that pertain to his series. Knowing that his fans are on these social media sights, in the countdown for the release and on opening day he has asked his fans to not tweet or post any spoilers on these social media sights so as to preserve the surprises for those who haven’t read or won’t be getting their copy for a while. Even fandoms on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook have campaign to the rest of the fandom world to not post any spoilers or hints about the book.

spoilers 2spoilers

With the easy access to the internet for most people and it being around all the time, it’s hard not to see something. I, myself being an avid social media user as well as a dedicated bookworm, find it hard not to want to share with my fellow fangirls/boys about the series we are reading, to then find some had posted something already or leaked a copy of an not yet release book. Though it is safe to say the spoilers are being monitored and those who do want to post them they are advised to place them in a special category on Google+ called Blood of Olympus Spoilers as well as on Tumblr.

Avoiding Blood of Olympus Spoilers like:

New new media has allowed us not only to consume, but to produce. To share. To collaborate. To interact. People are no longer stationary. They are moving and posting that movement. They are writing and automatically publishing without having to go through anyone else. Fangirls/boys, fannerds who would have at one point have to wait until school or book club or go over their friends house to talk about what they read, now they can post their responses, reactions to everyone, to the masses in seconds. Although it is more convienet and fun, it’s most inconvient for those not in the moment and have yet to finish or gain their own copy. So for those who are reading The Blood of Olympus, are in the middle of it or just finished here are words from dear Uncle Rick:



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