Rowling tweets and tweeters

Sadly there will be no return of Harry, Hermoine and Ron. They have better things to do than remain sitting on the pages of another Harry Potter series. And while Head Master Rowling loves her students, she is moving on from Hogwarts to the magic streets of New York.

J.K Rowling is working on several projects, one of them being editing and tweaking her screen play for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This movie is based off the book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, on of the companion books to the Harry Potter series. (At least the Harry connection is there for all you Potterheads) The movie is set come out November 18, 2016. Though that is only two years away, Rowling still has time her busy schedule to flummox and fluster even the most talented wording wizards.

On Twitter, J.K Rowling’s posted an anagram for her fans:rowling tweetAll of the wizarding world was frozen in time and all concentration and efforts went into decrypting the message that Rowling had left for them. Many were hoping and thinking that it had something to do with Harry Potter, maybe a clue to another book about one of the Potter characters but alas, none were correct! Except for one.

One Potter fan did come up with the correct answer which Rowling then congratulated her through twitter on cracking the code:

rowling winnerWith such success from her Harry Potter books and the movies, when Rowling hints of new projects in the works or coming to the foreseeable future, her fan are there at the drop of the Sorting Hat. Rowling not tweeting so often makes her more noticeable when she does tweet and interacts with her fans on social media.

Her twitter is connected to her website which in itself is very easy to navigate. Even for those who aren’t too familiar with surfing the web, the website offers help in navigating it, pointing to where you should go in the beginning and where to find what. It is also offered in several languages.

In looking through the website, for those who want more Harry Potter there Pottermore, and interactive website that takes you into the Pottering world as a game were you can go through the Harry Potter books and see the through Harry’s eyes or become a student at Hogwarts. On this site they incorporate social media. On the Pottermore site, there is a page that connects to the Pottermore blog. On the blog it talks about different articles in relation to Pottermore, the Harry Potter books, J.K Rowlings works, a special events come Halloween and more. Right now there are a couple hashtags going around in connection with the site and two other social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. One is the ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween countdown which began October 16, where the site will be posting alternative #Pottertrick or #Pottertreat on Pottermore insider, Facebook and Twitter. One of the Tricks posted was to guess who identify the mysterious being on that J.K Rowling was describing. Potterheads pulled out there books, scratched their heads with their wands and posted their guesses on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with the hashtag, #Pottermoretrick. As for the Treat, on October 19th the question and idea was put out to create your own wizarding legislation and fans using the hashtag #WizardingLegislation were to have posted their rulings on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


Although J.K Rowling is coming out with new material and there is more Potter all the time on Pottermore, fans are still keeping alive their favorite Hogwart students. On Harry Potter is the most written fanfiction topping both the fanfiction book catergory and crossover catergory.  End though the series has ended it doesn’t mean that the stories have ended, that the memories and Harry moments. Still in this day and age and through the fans, Harry is still The Boy That Lived.


3 thoughts on “Rowling tweets and tweeters

    • I think that it depends on the author. For J.K Rowlings who has such a large fan base already before social media was such a big thing, she doesn’t need to rely on social media so much. Since she’s established herself enough on her website and made it functional and interesting, up to date with her readers, her website is where people are going to go and find out things that she is doing and working on. That’s what makes the website more important. For other authors like Kiera Cass and Rick Riordan whose target audience has grown up with social media as a part of their lives, for their books and future ones to come, their websites are not as important as the social media that they use to connect with their fans. Through their social media is how their fans get links to events, book tours that are going on and are linked to their website. From their social media it is most likely how their fans get to their website. Their social media for them is at the forefront which is why they have made such a use of it and use it more often.


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