The Cybernetics of Marissa Meyer

A lost princess turned cyborg. A girl who can fly any hovercraft, aircraft than a guy. Young female hacker who can scramble any entire fleets tracking system in less than five minutes. This is the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and the last two installments of her book are set to come out next year; Fairest is coming out January 27th and Winter comes out in November. In preparation of Fairest, the readers have done both a Cinder Readathon and they are hosting a Cyborg Monday starting December 1st.


The Cinder Readathon took place from October 14, 2014 and will be ending on October 23rd. This was done before in preparation for the coming out of Cress, the third book in the series but this one was just focused on Tumblr. Those participating in the Readathon, as they read Cinder they mark their progress with pictures or quotes from the page that they left off or were starting on onto Tumblr.lunar

This year it started from November 5 and is due to end November 23. The book chosen was Scarlet and the same rules were applied. Along with the read-a-thon there was Cyborg Monday. Last year, on December 2nd, Marissa Meyer released exclusive content about her book Cress, which came out February 4th, 2014. The day was filled with Lunar Chronicles content and Cress goodies such as:

– The reveal of the CRESS book trailer!

– The first five chapters of CRESS available for download– absolutely free!

– An exclusive sneak peak at an upcoming Lunar Chronicles short story!

– A new CRESS teaser!

– The schedule for the CRESS book tour next February!

– The start of a community read-a-long for CINDER (join in with #ReadCinder)!

– Giveaways!

– A Twitter chat with yours truly (follow #CyborgMonday)!

And more!

This time around Cyber Monday will take place on December 1 and there is no doubt Cinder fans will be on their laptops, tablets, smartphones anxiously waiting the long hours on November 30 until the content for this years Cyber Monday is revealed. Contests likes these gets fans excited about the new series and pre-ordering the books months in advanced, no matter if it’s hardcover or in e-book form.

Getting the readers involved is getting them connected more not only to the author who wrote the books but also to the books themselves. Having them submit their fan art shows their idea of what their favorite characters look like and how others depict them. The tweets and fandom posts show get others interested and on board the Lunar Chronicles spaceship.



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