The Social Book Club

With the integration of social media, many things have changed in how we do things. In how we communicate, how we market, how we buy things, even how we send money (Snapcash). So has it changed with how we read and converse over the books we’ve read. Instead of putting on pants and having to go out for book club, book club is on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, all while you’re sitting in your pajamas and eating Smartfood and Reese’s.

pantsSocialTimes placed a list of Ten Social Networks for Readers. The list consisted of sites like Goodreads which is a site that lets you review, rate, comment on different books, share your favorite on different social media platforms and links to sites like Amazon and Google to purchase the book. There is Wattpad where book lovers can have online discussions through forums, create a blog to publish their own work, create list of books you want to read, get recommendations for future reads and “authors, publishers and agents use Wattpad as a mobile platform for online engagement and to create purposeful relationships with readers”. Not only is social media providing a way for book lovers to connect to each other and share with others their great book finds but also allows for authors to see how their fans like or dislike their writing, who and how to best promote and reach their audience and to see the reception they get when promoting an upcoming book or sequel.

authors when the fandom explodes into chaos


books 2

There is also Book Country where you can read and review different books as well as publish your own work of fiction for those trying to break into becoming authors. Sites likes these, different forums and use of social media to talk about books and people’s own written works allows for a wider library and find what would interests you, from the biggest book worm to the casual reader trying to find something for the beach. Seeing reviews from others, from people talk and share their genuine feelings for books makes others more inclined to pick up that book and/or share it to a friend who they think will like it. This is just another way for fans to help their favorite authors and for authors and their marketing team to easily promote and sell more books. And to cause more chaos in the minds of readers.

books 3



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