Holy Book Reviewers!

books review

Hearing someone say that the piece of work you did was not good, horrible, terrible, not worth the read, if you were to see the book, turn around and never look back, don’t even touch it…is not always easy.


But it is gratifying when you are recognized for a great piece of work in the Times or USA Today, placed on the ‘Best-Sellers List’ or even quotes of popular authors who’ve read your work and liked it. It all has to do with real people giving their genuine, most of the time unbiased opinion of a piece of work and that is what people look for and trust when searching for a good book to read or to recommend to a friend. 


Now, though with social media, anyone can be a book reviewer, anyone can give their opinions as to what they think was a good piece of writing or not. There are still book reviewers and experts who deem what is really worth being a best-seller or not but now a day people don’t really care about whether or not the author used good grammar or if there was a nice flow to the story or whether or not there was depth. It’s all about the story and did the author pull you in or leave you to hanging out to dry and watch grass grow.

Excited about a book

cant even


Not excited about a book


Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and the use of blogs are a book reviewers tools to reach potential readers. Through pictures of the book with different rating systems, captions, blurbs, links to postings all to say whether or not a book was good or not. And people are responsive to that. It is the genuine, familiar person is what social media gives to book reviews. The book reviewer become like friends, comrades in arms to readers out there looking for a good book to read for the coming hibernation season of winter, the beach reads of summer, the crisp reads to escape the dreary texts of schools books and the refreshing take on hope for the spring.

freind besti

By gaining the readers trust and getting them to follow, read their reviews and recommendations, asking them what they thought of a certain book and ask what they are reading not only provides more followers for book reviewers to influence but also provides and interaction, a connection to the public. It makes critics and book reviewers seem more human and not monsters out to destroy books. Authors can thank these new book reviewers who have become the online librarians on social media, guiding readers with their suggestions and reviews on what they should add to their book list.

Working with Authors


Here are some trustworthy and quirky YA book reviewers to help you create your booklist for the

New Year:

This is how long my book wishlist actually is

book list











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