When You’re All: TMI! TID! TDA! TBC! TLH! BTW…OMG! for Cassandra Clare

TMI: The Mortal Instruments


TID: The Infernal Devices


TBC: The Bane Chronicles


TDA: The Dark Artifice


TLH: The Last Hours

tlh (2)

All are series written by the author Cassandra Clare and centered around the magical world of Shadowhunters in either modern day or in the Victorian age of London, England. The series all are intertwined with each other, making it hard for those engrossed to read only read one book or series, you need to read them all!

When new information about my favorite series comes out online

I look like:


The series can not only be found in the United States but also translated and across countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and France. In 2013, The Mortal Instruments Series was on the New York Bestseller List for 102 consecutive weeks, knocking out series like The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson and the Olympians from the top spot. The series has everyone anticipating the upcoming series, The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours which are continuations of the series with new main characters, love triangles and with the return of old ones.


Cassandra Clare has grown in popularity and just as she is a wiz with the pen, her social media standing is also quite magical. Her website, along with her social media accounts matches her black and gold magical theme. In the website itself you can find information on Cassandra Clare, how to contact her (Email over snail mail), information on her books and upcoming series, information on other works that she has published and links to her social media accounts.

Social media itself is a tool to not only share content but for other to reply and share that content as well. To gain interaction with people no matter where they are. Before, when you would send your fan mail to your favorite author you would be lucky if they even read it and even luckier to get a reply. With email the likeness of the chance opened up a bit more but not as much. With the integration of social media there is a bigger chance that you could get a reply with mentioning your author directly if they have and account and knowing it would pop up in their notifications the moment you send it.


Now there are authors who take the time to answer their fans or they just read it and do a general thank you to their fans. Cassandra Clare though is another kind of author. She doesn’t make social media accounts just to have them, to be on what’s trending or because her publicist says it will look good and help her sell more books. In her interactions on Twitter and Facebook there is no strategy to be seen or someone else doing it for her, there is authenticity to when Cassandra Clare tweets and interacts with her fans. She is the author that takes the time out of her busy schedule to show how much her fans support and appreciation of her novels.

Screenshot (9)

She responds to fans questions about her books…

Screenshot (11)Screenshot (6)

And their reaction is more than surprised and excited…

Screenshot (12)

She even answers personal questions, shows that she is a caring person and is not some super human who writes amazing sorties and creates out of this world worlds but that she is a person that feels and knows what it is to be in your shoes.


Screenshot (7)

Screenshot (10)

Social media can consume a lot of time, time that can be better spent watching movies, catching up on reading, finishing your work before the deadline and your publisher kill you. But when one takes the time to tweet back, hold conversation in 140 characters or less and keep fans updated on the progressions of their favorite characters, people do take notice.

And we thank you.



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