The Princess: Kiera Cass Rules Social Media

kiera cassKiera Cass, bestselling author of the selection series is a real WordStar, the Princess of Quirk and when it comes to using social media, she is who I dub to be the Queen of the Social Bookworms. Kiera has a great handle of social media being of a different generation, Generation X, from her audience who are mostly of the Millennial generation.

Kiera is an author that utilizes most of the popular social media platforms; Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and has her own website, She uses them not only to share news about her books and upcoming book tours, she also shares her personality behind the “WordStar” that she is. She shares her every day life, tidbits about the exciting and not so exciting process of writing, fingerling about boy bands and her superhuman powers of being a mom.super

As an author she also uses social media to connect with her fans who can’t get enough or know enough about her books. She’s creatively used Snapchat (@selectionseries) to reveal sneak peeks of her upcoming book, The Heir and do a quick Q&A for her fans. You can catch her tweeting to fans, giving updates on her books tours, dancing In

Her Tumblr ( is a great expression of it. From giving sneak peeks and sharing her books to providing tips for writing and giving her own advice to her fandom. She also has her own personal Facebook account as well as an author’s page for her fans  to provide them with updates, links to articles, answering to fans and linking to her website. All here account all share her personality and are user friendly. Through her social media accounts she invites all the little fangirls and fanboys into her world of mustaches and quirkiness.


Kiera is like a bird, singing quirk, news about her upcoming books, updates and all that she is on Twitter (@kieracass). If you ever doubted a brand or author thinking that it’s not really them but some stand in saying that they are, Kiera has a her mark stamped all over it. With only 140 characters, Kiera makes the most and let’s up know how she party’s like a word star.

Social media is a way for people not only to take in what is given to them but to give back, interact, share, comment, be a part of the experience. Reading has always been a solitary activity but social media has given it a channel to be more interactive. Whether its Kiera or her publicist, Kieran Cass reigns supreme when it comes to handling the madness of social media.word star


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