Epic Reads brought #TheHeirBall

As Selection fans know and being a fan myself, we are anxiously counting the days until the release of The Heir by Keira Cass and…

oh shit


calm down

calm down 2

[Okay, okay, okay, I’m back. I’m here, I’m present. Just had to get that out.]

ok bro

Anyway, there are 10 DAYS left until the release of The Heir and in our anticipation for the release, there have of course been witty Snapchats if you have Snapchat and if you don’t have the Selection Series on your snap then here you are, find username: selectionseries.

the hier

Kiera Cass has kept our anxieties at bay with her witty tweets, updates on her tour which will be provided at the end of this blog post for you guys and there has been videos made to provide us with some fun visuals of The Heir and the different suitors who will be fighting for Eadlyn’s hand. I do hope there is gauntlet slapping and duels taking place in this book. No? Okay I’ll be picking up my Regency romance novels later then…

Speaking of suitors and since this blog is about all things connecting social media and Young Adult novels, Epic Reads, a site that is all about Young Adult novels, started a contest to help us with the wait, but you if you are like me, it only made me MORE ANXIOUS! I mean names of the suitors were leaked as well as a short, vague piece of information about who they were, it’s all madness I say! The whole contest though, was centered around who we believed would win Eadlyn’s hand in the end. (I secretly hope, though that the books leaves us hanging so Kiera will keep writing!)


#TheHeirBall as the contest was dubbed was a two part-er. The first part was a regular bracket that you would find in sports, especially since March Madness just came and went as maddening as ever. (Shout outs to the women’s champions, the UCONN HUSKIES and the men’s champions, DUKE!) Fans were given the suitors names to fill in the top 24, 19, 10, 5, 3, 2 until only one was left standing. I provided my bracket below as you can see. But how would you determine who would fit where without knowing them? That is where the second part comes in.


The Heir Bracket could not be completed without also completing the Dream Cast of Eadlyn’s Selection. This is where you were given the suitor’s name, along with information as to where they lived, what they looked like and a bit of personality info. There were blank spaces left to place who you think or would cast that person. I participated and here is my dream cast. I must say they are a handsome bunch 🙂

dreamdream 2dream 3dream 4

There were some great entries and it was a fun thing to do but it was a contest, there of course there had to be a winner. The winner of the contest was @EvansAlli. Congratulations to her!

the heir winner

Since then there have been some videos of the suitors and though Kiera was asked if anymore would be made, our Wordstar declined giving us a straight answer…or DID SHE?! Hmmm…


So, as we wait for May 5th, we hope that more teasers will appear (BUT NOT SPOILERS!) and the days will pass quickly and swiftly to get our hands on The Heir. And if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet (which is silly, all of you have!) you can do it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble who have exclusive signed copies of the book. For now here are some fun videos of two of the candidates, Hale Garner and be on the look out for more!

And for those who didn’t know or need a refresher, here are Kiera Cass’s tour dates:

May 5

Barnes & Noble

Christiansburg, VA 6PM

Christiansburg, VA: Come in early (or as the event starts) to get a ticket. This ticket will double as your spot in line and your number for the raffles we’re doing! Tickets will start being handed out at 4PM. You do not need to purchase my books from the store for the signing, but please support the store by purchasing any book you’re excited about while you’re there.

*This is my release party and will include raffles, cupcakes, and more. Ball gowns encouraged!*

May 6

Bethesda Library

Washington, DC 7PM

Washington, DC: This event is at a library, and a local store will be providing books for sale should you need one. No tickets needed, show up whenever, and since you don’t need to buy a book on site, consider hugging a librarian instead.

May 7

Barnes & Noble

Myrtle Beach, SC 6PM

Myrtle Beach, SC: Color-coded wristbands will be given out if the event passes a certain size, so that will be determined the day of. If you’ve already purchased your books, that’s fine, but please support the store by picking up something else when you visit.

May 8

Wellesley Books

Boston, MA 7PM

Boston, MA: You must purchase your book from Wellesley Books Store if you’re getting one signed. No need for tickets and show up whenever you like.

May 9

92nd Street Y

New York, NY 7:30PM (with Epic Reads’ Margot Wood!)

New York City, NY: Because the talk and signing is taking place somewhere with limited space, you must purchase a ticket. General admission is $22, and 35 and under is $15. You can purchase them through the 92nd Street Y’s website. Book sales will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

May 10

Barnes & Noble

Princeton, NJ 2PM

Princeton, NJ: No tickets needed and show up whenever you like. You may bring books with you, but please support the store by purchasing any new book while you’re there.

May 11

Anderson’s Bookstore

Chicago, IL 7PM

Chicago, IL: You need a ticket for the signing line and may start calling basically right now to go ahead and get your spot. You also need to purchase the book from the store if you’re getting one signed.

May 12


Albuquerque, NM 6:30PM

Albuquerque, NM: No tickets, come whenever, and feel free to bring your own books. Please consider supporting the store by purchasing any new book when you come.

May 13

Changing Hands

Phoenix, AZ 7PM 

Phoenix, AZ: No tickets, come whenever, and you may bring your own books. Again, please support the store by purchasing a book while you’re there.

May 14-16

Romantic Time Book Convention

Dallas, TX


Thursday, May 14:

YA: You’re Never Too Old, 2:45PM-3:45PM

Friday, May 15:

YA: Happily Ever After, with a Dash of Sex & a Drop of Angst, 11:15AM-12:15PM

Avon Presents a Night in Paris… Texas, 4PM-5:30PM

Saturday, May 16th:

Giant Signing, 11AM-2PM

YA Family Feud, 3PM-4:15PM

Teen Day Party, 6PM-7:30PM


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