Winter is COMING!


Winter is Coming….literally!


Not only is everyone getting into the season to be jolly and giving thanks, we can thank the Lord that Marissa Meyer’s final installment of the Lunar Chronicles, Winter is coming out tomorrow, the wait is over!

Marissa Meyer is quite savvy on social media, almost always tweeting, doing Live tweets of Q & A’s with fans, encouraging future writers and keep her loyal fans updated with all that she is doing.

With Twitter and Facebook under her belt she has moved on and made great use of Snapchat through the account of Fierce Reads (@Fiercereads) but what is even cooler is that they are using Periscope to live stream her launch party for Winter.
Periscope in essence is an app, owned by Twitter, that allows for the user to stream live video to the world. So, for those who can not attend the launch party (I sadly work and live to far away *tear*), you can still go on to Periscope and through Fierce Reads account, watch the live action of the party.

Again , technology allows for us to connect through time and space; for us to experience things like we could never before. Giving you the ease of pre-order or downloading a copy of Winter (or at least the first two chapters which are free!) instead of waiting in line before hiding away in a hole and not coming out until the last page has been turned. But, that is the sacrifice some of us are willing to make for the smell and feel of magic in our hands.



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